Two Worlds 2 (Steam trading cards), Commander - Conquest Of The Americas, Enclave (Steam trading cards) Steam keys FREE

22/11/2015 17:11

Here you can get currently 3 games for just one registration.

It's really simple and it will take you just about 2 minutes

For pick up all 3 games you just need:

1) email adress

2) Register on

3) Prove that you are not a robot

Just register on link: zde

After the registration go on your profile to section: Profile/Keys

Sometimes it can give you error, that keys aren't anymore. Just wait till next hour (16:00, 17:00) and they will restock keys.

Two Worlds 2

Price on Steam: 19,99 Euro

Rating on Steam: 62%

Drop: 8 cards!!! ( minimum profit 32 cents)

Commander - Conquest Of The Americas

Price on Steam: 9,99 Euro

Rating on Steam: 56%

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